An email congratulations on your brilliant success -

  Writing informal Email congratulating on his brilliant success.

An email congratulations on your brilliant success -

From    :
To        :
Subject: Congratulation on brilliant success.
Dear Tanjim,
My joys knew no bounds when I came to know  that you got GPA 5 in the HSC exam. Please accept my heartiest congratulation on your brilliant success. We are proud of you. My parents are also very glad to know of your result. I believe, you will be able to do the same results in your future exams.
Yours ever,

Another Email on your achievement 

Imagine, you are Nabila/ Nabil of 9 Mymensingh Road, Dhaka- 1000. One of your friends who lives in Chittagong has won the Presidents's Award in easy writing. Now, send an e-mail to your friend Rashida/Rashid of 34/C Broadway Lane Chittagong, congratulating him/ her on his/ her achievement.

From        :
To            :
Sent         : Monday, 11 December 2014; 2:20 pm
Subject    : Congratulations on your achievement.
Dear Rashida,
I am extremely glad that you have won the President's Award in eassy writing. My hearty congratulations to you for winning this award. Hearing the news on the television, I was beside myself with joy. Now please, let me know abut your own felling.
Your affectionate,

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