Air pollution paragraph for class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 hsc, jsc,

 Write a paragraph on ‘ Air pollution’ by answering the following questions.

Air pollution paragraph for class 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 hsc, jsc,

(a) What I air pollution?

(b) Where does this pollution mainly occur?

(c) What are the causes behind air pollution?

(d) What are the harmful impacts of it?

(e) How can you prevent air pollution?

Write a short paragraph on Air pollution


 Air is the most essential elements for our life and environment. Without it our existence is impossible. Air pollution means the contamination of this essential air. Air pollution mainly occurs in the cities and towns, especially in the industrialized ones. A large number of factories are actively responsible for polluting air. Carbon dioxide is the chief cause for air pollution. The burning of trash, diesel and other chemical substance in cars and vehicles produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases every day and pollutes air. The cutting and burning down of trees, trash, and the discharge of human waste in the open air also pollute air. For air pollution we suffer from various diseases such as cancer, bronchitis, heart diseases, etc. So in order to prevent pollution we should plant more trees. We should use CNG instead of petrol and diesel. We should not throw trash and waste in the open places.


 Write a paragraph on ‘ Air pollution’


 No living being can live without air. But it is polluted now. One of the greatest problems all over the world is air pollution. It is constantly being polluted by smoke from mills, factories, and from carbon-mono-oxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. Big cities have thousand of cars, buses and trucks playing all day long. These vehicles burn diesel and petrol which produce a lot of smoke and pollute air. Specially, in the cities and big industrial areas serious air pollution takes place. Over population is another cause of air pollution in our country. Railway engines and power houses burn coal and oil which produce smoke and air I polluted. Polluted air causes nowadays incurable diseases to men. Nature has lost its balance as trees are not enough now. So, it is high time to take proper steps to plant trees everywhere and to control the haphazard growth of industries. To make air fresh, the destruction of trees must be prevented. In fact, all possible steps should be taken by all concerned to stop air pollution.

Paragraph on Air pollution


 Nowadays air pollution is one of the most important topics in our life. Man cannot live a single moment without air. But we are polluting air in many ways. Generally, people create smoke and smoke pollutes air. The most serious air pollution occurs in big cities where many vehicles, industries, etc. are creating smoke continuously. Mills and factories use coal and oil. These things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air. |Railway engines buses, trucks, cars and many other vehicles are playing through the streets every day. They use petrol and diesel. These things cause air pollution. Burning of things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air. In industrial areas, sometimes workers become so sick by inhaling polluted air that they cannot be cured. To stop air pollution, we should immediately check the vehicles, industrial area, burning etc. which are creating heavy smoke.

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