Email thanking for a nice gift

 Suppose, your friend is Animesh. He has sent you a nice present on your birthday. Now write a letter to your friend thanking him.


To  :

Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2022;2.00pm

Subject: Thanking for nice gift.

Dear Aminesh,

It would hae been a great pleasure if you had joined my birthday party. I know you could not attend to your illness but you have me a nice gift. My heartiest thanks for the complete works for Rabindranath Tagore you sent me on the occason. Tagore is one of my most favorite authors. He was a versatile genius.

They all attract me much. I have had a lot of presents on the day. But yours, one is the best of all.




Suppose, your friend Lima sent a present on your birthday since she could not attend the party. Now, write a messages thanking her for the present using her e-mail address.


To :

Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2022; 3:00 pm.

Subject: Thanks for birthday present.

Dear Lima,

You know I am a book-worn. The book you gifted me is one of my favourite books and this is the very book I have been looking for long time. Thank you so much for your unique selection as a birthday present.

Yours ever, 



Suppose, you are Halim/Halima. Your friend Tajul/Tuli has sent you a nice gift on your birthday. Now, write an e-mail thanking your friend for sending the gift.



Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2022, 3.14 pm

Subject: Thanking for birthday present.

Dear Tajul,

The letter and gift you have come to my hand in time. Thank you so much for your remembrance and lovely gift you have  definaitely mde a perfect choice of digital dictionary which is so useful and easily portable that I like to carry in the gifts I have got. But I expected your presence so much more than your gift. Thank you a lot once again for your sensible gift, I am looking forward to having a reply from you very soon.

Convey my best regards to you parents and love to the youngers.

Your ever


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