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Email writing marriage ceremony: Suppose, the marriage ceremony of your elder sister is going to be held next week. Invite your friend by using e-mail to attend the ceremony.

From        :

To            :

Sent        : Thursday, September 20, 2022; 3:00 pm

Subject    : Invitation to my elder sister's marriage ceremony.

Dear Shariful,
You would be glad to know that my elder sister's marriage ceremony will be held in the nest week, 28th September 2022 on thursday. I am inviting you heartily to join this occasion.

Write an e-mail to your friend inviting him on the occasion of the marriage ceremony.

From        :
To            :
Sent         : Monday, February 10, 2022, 9:30 pm

Subject    : Invitation to wedding ceremony.

Dear Kamrul,
You will be glad to know that the marriage ceremony of my elder sister comes off on 28th instant. Some of our other friends will also attend the function. Hence I request you to c ome to our house at least three days earlier. Please do not disappoint me. Your presence will add more pleasure.
Your's cordially

Write e-mail to your friend inviting him to the wedding ceremony of your brother.

From        :
To            :
Sent         : Monday, February 12, 2022; 12:12 pm

Subject    : Inviting to marriage ceremony.

Dear Hasan,
I have the pleasure to invite you  to the weeing ceremony of my elder brother on 30 June 2013, I am looking forward to your arrival one day earlier. Please take your younger brother and sister with you.
Thanking you
Yours ever,

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