Email writing importance of learning english

Email writing importance of learning English: Suppose you are Mahin and your younger brother is Manik. Now, write e-mail to your younger brother advising hi about the importance of learning English.

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From        :

To            :

Sent        : Monday, April 19, 2023, 9:22

Subject    : Importance of learning English.

Dear Manik,
I am sorry to know that you are not interested to learn English. English has been the mainkey to success in the present world. If you don't have good efficiency in English you cannot have good result. Without the knowledge of English you can not get any good job. I believe by now you have understood the necessity of English.
Your Loving brother,

 Imagine, you are Mina. Your younger sister, Rekha is indifferent to learning English. Now, write an e-mail to her advising her to be attentive to learning of English.

From        :
To            :
Sent         : Friday, 21 October 2023; 10 am.

Subject    : Importance of learning English.

Dear Rekha,
I have a great concern about you since you are very indifferent to English. English is importance not only for good result but also for many practical uses. So you cannot but learn English well.
Your friend,

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