Dialogue importance of learning english

Write a dialogue with you and your friend Sazib/Halim about the importance of learning English.

Dialogue about the importance of learning English

Dialogue importance of learning english
Dialogue importance of learning english

Ans; A dialogue is given on the importance of learning English

Sazib : Hey, Halim.

Halim : Hello, Sazib.

Sazib : How are you?

Halim : I am Fine, Thank you. And you?

Sazib : I am also Fine. Thank you too.

Halim : I heard yesterday, you have completed a course in English. Isn't that true?

Sazib : Yes, indeed. I completed a course in English very well.

Halim : Very good. Can you please tell me the importance of learning English? And you can explain what is useful.

Sazib : Of course. English language is an international language we need this English language to communicate with other countries. We need to know English language

Halim : I see.

Sazib : It is very helpful for higher education. Knowing English is necessary because communication and investment with other countries requires this English language. For these reasons we need to know English.

Halim : Hum Really

Sazib : If you have a good knowledge of English, you will be able to express and understand people of all countries because English is an international language.

Halim : Oh, I see.

Sazib : So it is important for all of us to know English.

Halim : Thank you for making me understand the importance and need of English education from you.

Sazib : Thank you too for your understanding.

Halim : Thank you very much.

Sazib : You are most welcome.

Halim : Take care.

Sazib : Goodbye.

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